Of course, no one wants something to happen to their auto glass or the car itself, but if it does, you have to take action to fix it. Now the issue is the car glass and the tips to observe after getting your auto glass replaced so that it does not make a sound after auto glass replacement and installation or window leaking during rain.

Windscreenrepairn20 as a provider of car glass service in London, always ask customers to follow these tips after installation. Here are the tips.

How to Care for a Newly Replaced Auto Glass?

Examine the Technician’s Workflow

By thoroughly examining the workflow of your technician, you will ensure that there are no bubbles and gaps in the car glass seal. You can even test drive your car and make sure it does not make a sound.

Pay Attention to the Warranty Paperwork

When your glass replacement service is done, remember to have the receipt and warranty paperwork delivered to you.

Keep Your Dashboard Clean

Keep Your Dashboard Clean

Keep Your Dashboard Clean

For the first two days, keep your dashboard away from any clutter or things to prevent damage to the car glass seal.

No Car Wash

When you replace your auto glass, do not wash the car for at least two days, especially the replaced glass, so that the adhesive connections are strong and the glue and glass cover each other. Therefore, please do not wash the car for two days after installation.

Do not Drive More than 37 Miles

Sometimes we see that the customer after glass replacement says that the windscreen makes a sound or water leaking into the car. Then it turns out that the customer was driving at high speed on bumpy streets or speed bump and caused the glued glass and connections to not work properly. Therefore, after car glass service, drive at a maximum speed of 37 miles so that the connections, glue, and glass cover each other well.

Taking a New Driving Route

If your auto glass is broken on an accident-prone road where the road is slippery, there is a possibility of falling rocks or any other possibilities, be sure to change your driving route and choose the safer one.

Taking a New Driving Route

Taking a New Driving Route

Do not Roll Down the Side Windows

If the rear window of your car has been replaced, please avoid rolling down the side windows for two days, as there is a possibility that the glass will come off the body due to the fact that the glue does not dry out.

Do not Close the Car Door Tightly

In the first 48-hours after auto glass replacement, try to open and close the car doors slowly. Because the seal has not dried well yet and it is possible to separate the glass from the body and the sealant.

Slightly Open One of Your Car windows

This is wondering, but the pressure inside the car puts pressure on the newly replaced auto glass and may cause a leak. To prevent this, leave your car window 1 to 2 inches open.

Replacing wiper blades

Replacing wiper blades

Replacing wiper blades

This tip may not be directly related to auto glass replacement. But when you change the car window, at least you do not like it to have a scratch on the glass for a long time and maybe forever. Thus, after car glass replacement, replace the damaged or worn-out wiper blades. Therefore, you will not see smearing, streaking, and dead spots on your windshield.

Remove the Adhesive and Secure Tape for 2 Days

After two days, you can remove the adhesive and secure tape that holds the glass and clean it with alcohol. Just remember that what keeps your glass unbreakable is the constant care of your auto glass.

Final Thoughts

Our team always reminds these tips to customers verbally. We care about your car but know that our importance is conveyed to the good feeling when our service has satisfied you.

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