Benefits and Advantages of Car Window Tinting

You may have thought about car window tinting; For example, you like this type of car glass and you may have made such a decision for other reasons. However, you should know that the story is not that simple and there are rules and issues in between. Therefore, you cannot make a decision without knowing everything about window tinting in London. In this article, we will explain all these subjects.

Reasons to Getting Car Windows Tinted

There are several reasons for car window tinting. Some people like these auto glasses and some others are looking for them due to security reasons or to block the sunlight inside the car. For instance, during summer, window tinting is used due to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

UK Window Tint Laws

Window tinting has its laws in London, UK. The reason for this law and ban is also rooted in driving safety. A driver who tints windows loses part of his view and cannot drive with complete safety.

But about car side windows, you should know that if the darkness of the glass was measured with a photometer and it was too high, you will not only be fined 60 pounds, but also your driver’s license endorsed with 3 points. Also, you cannot drive for 10 days. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid illegal car window tinting.

If your front windscreen has 75% VLT and your front side windows have at least 70% VLT, you have obeyed the UK laws. There are no UK laws restricting any level of darkness on back side windows and rear windows. You are permitted legally to tint your back side windows and rear window at any level you prefer.

Pros and Cons of Car Window Tinting

Pros and Cons of Car Window Tinting

Pros and Cons of Car Window Tinting

Let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of car window tinting so that if you intend to do so, you can take a more conscious step in its path:

Window tinting can both block sunlight and cool the cabin, as well as other benefits such as increasing the strength of the windows. In fact, the presence of a window tinting label in accidents associated with broken car windows can play a role in maintaining the health of occupants and drivers.

Window tinting can also prevent glasses from scratching. Tinted windows are a way to increase its resistance to scratches. Glass that is not damaged or scratched makes driving safer and more comfortable and is more beautiful. In addition to the stylish and beautiful appearance of the car, the equipment and goods inside the cabin are also protected from sunlight and are less damaged.

Window tinting depends largely on people’s interests. Some people like to have a car with tinted windows. Some do this for other reasons mentioned in the text. However, you should know that this requires compliance with the laws that are checked by the police and DVSA, and may exceed the legal limit of tinting and fines await you. You should also be careful when choosing a window tinting center in London. Otherwise, the poor quality will soon deteriorate and will need to be replaced.

In general, several features can be considered for these cars:

  • Make the car look beautiful
  • Prevent overheating inside the car
  • Prevents occupants from burning hands and face in strong sunlight
  • Neutralizes a large percentage of ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • In case of breakage (if the windows are tinted with a label), the car glass will not break and the glass label will prevent the car glass from falling on the ground.

Best Window Tinting Center in London

Window tinting has become very popular these days. Tinted windows are mostly used for hot days in summer and sunlight. One of the best window tinting centers in London is Windscreen Repair N20 which gives you mobile car glass services across London. Windscreen Repair N20 provides car window tinting service with the best quality for all types and models of cars for different darkness percentages at a reasonable price without color change in light and any bubbles and small holes.

Best Window Tinting Center in London

Why Windscreen Repair N20?
  • Windscreen Repair N20, with the help of the best experts, provides mobile window tinting services in any location and anytime you want.
  • Windscreen Repair N20 is the center for selling and installing all kinds of car glass services, including window tinting in London.
  • Due to the competition in offering the price, we give you the reasonable selling price.
  • We also tint your car windows in less than 30 minutes.

Important Tips for window tinting

  • There is no need for special and complex tools to tint glass, and it is quite convenient and easy, and of course, it requires a little experience, precision, and patience.
  • Note that UV labels are more expensive than other labels because they block harmful sunlight.
  • For better beauty, the windshield and rear windows of the car are tinted on the same level, and usually, the rear window looks a little darker.
  • If your car is luxurious and expensive and has a beautiful and attractive interior, we suggest using light labels.
  • If the tinted windows are done correctly and carefully, there will be no bubbles, dust, and fingerprints left on the car windows, and the tiny bubbles will disappear one day later.
  • It is important to note when measuring the tinted label that you do not consider the label to cover all the glass and usually put a distance of 5 to 10 mm so that the lips of the label do not return over time and the life of the tinted glass label is longer.
  • Older labels blocked the GPS routing process due to the use of a metal base, but the new tinted glass labels do not have this problem.
  • Note this important point; Do not roll the windshield down for at least one day after window tinting until the adhesives are fully adhered to and tightened.

You can call us and set your time and location with us. We come to you immediately.  For more information, you can consult our expert or refer to the main page of this service.

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