MG Car Glass Replacement and Window Tint

In the following article, you will see the types of MG glass for all types of models of this brand. Contact us for any services including MG car glass replacement and window tint. In Windscreen Repair N20, we provide windscreen replacement in London to fix your MG cars and vans.

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MG Car Glass Replacement Services:

MG 360 Windshield Installation

The MG360 can be considered a replacement for the MG350, but its dimensions are slightly larger. But in terms of price and interior equipment, it is in a lower class. We can provide you with MG 360 windshield installation.

MG 550 Glass and Sunroof Replacement

The MG 550 has a total of 6 airbags in the driver, front passenger, and side sections. The system of mirrors and glass is electrically adjustable. MG 550 mirrors are equipped with an electric heater and adjustment. The front and rear windshield of the MG 550 is electric and all its glass is UV resistant. Other features include a dual-mode sunroof, hydraulic steering, 4-way telescopic steering, rain and dust sensor, cruise control, rear parking sensor, rearview camera. We have provided MG 550 glass for you to get MG 550 glass and sunroof replacement in London and get you back to the road ASAP. We provide MG car glass replacement mobile service across London.

MG3 Windshield Replacement

MG3 Windshield Replacement

MG3 Windshield Replacement

The MG3 is the smallest member of the MG family, with a sleek and unique design. The muscular design of the fenders and bumper has given MG3 a good look. MG3 glass is equipped with an anti-vapor system (heater) and the glass material is to reduce the sun’s rays. You can see the types of MG6 windshield replacement below:

  • MG3 windshield: The MG3 windshield is available in “black round” and “all green”.
  • MG 3 rear window: The MG3 rear window is available in “black round”, “heater” and “full color”.
  • MG3 front and rear door glass: The front and rear glass of the MG3 is available in the “all green” type.

MG5 EV Glass Installation

The standard MG5 EV, like the company’s ZS EV electric model, probably benefits from satellite navigation, DAB radio, keyless entry, and custom embellishments. We can provide you with an MG5 EV glass installation.

MG6 Rear and Front Glass Replacement

MG6 was designed in 2011. It has 4 cylinders, 16 valves, and an engine power of 160 hp and its engine volume is 1796 cc. The MG6 has driver and passenger airbags and the ability to add custom airbags. Other features include automatic adjustment of the light in the car mirror, 6-way electric seat for the front passenger, 4-door automatic electric glasses, sunroof, rear window. You can see the types of MG6 glass services below:

  • MG6 rear window replacement and repair: The MG6’s “Heater”, “Black Round” and “All Green” rear windows are available in the center of the alliance.
  • MG6 Front and rear door glass replacement and repair: Right and left front and rear door glass is available in “all green” type.

MG GT Glass and Window Tint

Although the MG GT can be described as a more compact and cheaper version of the MG6, the fact is that it was built with the MG5 hatchback platform. More interestingly, this hatchback itself is formed with the MG 350 platform. Therefore, it must be said that GT is the substitute for MG 350. We can provide you with MG GT glass and window tinting in London by our professional and expert technicians in your Location.

MG V80 Windshield Replacement

MG V80 Windshield Replacement

MG GS Glass

MG GS is a version with high options and is almost complete. Sunroof, powerful headlights, electric handbrake, electric mirrors with internal heater are options that are also available in the standard version of this car. WindscreenRepairN20 as a provider of MG car glass replacement services in London provides all services related to all types of car glass, including GS glass for all customers. The MG GS windshield is available in “black round” and “all green”. The MG GS rear window is available in “black round”, “heater” and “all green”. The MG GS front and the rear window are “all green” in the alliance.

MG V80 Windshield Replacement

This van is called MAXUS V80 in global markets. MAXUS MG V80 is offered globally in various types and configurations, ranging from simple purely commercial models (for cargo purposes) to travel models with amenities and 16 seats. We can provide you with an MG V80 windshield replacement.

You can also benefit from our MG car glass replacement for the models of MG ZS, MG ZS EV, MG HS, and MG HS Plug-in Hybrid.

History of MG Motor

MG Motor was founded in 1924 in the United Kingdom to make sports cars. MG is best known for its two-seater open-top sports cars, but it has also produced sedans and coupes. MG stands for Morris Garage. It was founded in England in 1923 and, like other British automakers, fell into the hands of other companies many times during its life. The brand was owned by William Morris until his death in 1963; It was not until 1967 that MG was transferred to British Motor and later to the then-major British automaker, Leyland, and was even shut down between 1980 and 1995. Finally, by 2006, the Rover, Beamo, British Airways, and MG Rover brands had managed MG Automotive with limited production of a few sporty and not-so-popular models globally, until it was China SAIC’s turn.

You can contact us for any MG car glass replacement and repair service across London. We come to you very soon.

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