Rear Window Replacement

Rear Window Replacement

The rear window is an important part of the car body that protects the components inside the cabin and the occupants from noise, UV rays, dirt, cold, heat, wind, and rain. The quality of car glass construction and the correct use of the right type for the rear part of a vehicle has a direct impact on safety as well as the comfort of the driver and passengers. Also, having a mobile rear window replacement service provider is an important factor.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to two points including the shape, dimensions, health, application, and, most importantly, its safety factor before choosing and buying a rear windscreen; Also note that the car glass does not have scratches, bubbles, and bumps. The second point is the company you choose for rear windscreen replacement in London. In this case, you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and professional company to receive rear window replacement service.

Windscreen Repair n20 is one of the best car glass service provider in London, the UK providing rear window replacement in London.

Rear Windscreen Replacement in London

The cost of replacing a car rear windscreen depends on several factors:

  • Your car’s brand
  • The price of glass
  • Prices of other consumables
  • Labor payment

The first and most important factor in determining the price of car rear windscreen replacement is the brand of your car. If you own a luxury car, the price of a Rear windscreen will go up. Another factor in determining the cost of replacing the car rear window is the price of other consumables in the installation of glass.

The last factor that affects the cost of replacing car windows is wages. Of course, the cost of installing a car rear windscreen, because it is usually calculated according to the tariff, does not have much effect on the price of rear window replacement in London, UK.

2 Vital Days after Rear Window Replacement

But there are some important points to know after rear window replacement such as:

  • Do not wash the car for at least two days after installing the new rear glass, until the glass glue dries.
  • Safe car speed control (50 to 60 km/h) for at least 2 days
  • Replace the wiper blades if they are missing and scratch the glass
  • If you have changed the rear window of your car, do not lower the side windows for at least 2 days.
  • Remove the adhesives from the newly replaced glass holder, after two days
  • Clean the glass holder adhesive from the body and car glass with alcohol after 2 days
2 Vital Days after Rear Window Replacement
How to replace a rear window

How to replace a rear windscreen?

Rear window replacement in London is one of the most important services that should be done quickly and at the lowest cost. When you come to Windscreen Repair n20 our technicians will check the damage to the rear windscreen.

Then, they remove the damaged rear glass. The technicians lifted away from the rear windscreen from the car with large suction cups with handles. Next, they clean the dirt and dust to fit the rear glass. Finally, they install the new rear windscreen and replace it with the cracked one.

Back window replacement service 

Leave the rear window replacement of your car to us to get complete satisfaction from receiving car glass services. Preparing and buying a back window for replacement may be a hassle, but we promise you a comfortable, painless, and easy experience so you can get back to your day.

All our technicians have passed special courses for car glass and you can easily leave your car to us. They are prepared to replace your back window. We will be there for you whenever and wherever you plan to replace the side window of your car.

We cover all areas of the city of London to get your car back on the road quickly. We offer our rear window replacement services in your desired location in London.

The whole process of rear window replacement is done in less than an hour.

Need us to come to you for rear car window replacement? Call us.

Back window replacement service

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