Taxi Windscreen Replacement and Chip Taxi Van Glass Repair

The taxi driver is a job that is without leave and has to work day and night in hot and cold weather! Of course, this job, in addition to not having left, does not have a retirement. One of the most difficult jobs is “taxi driving”, in which you have to drive on the street from morning to night in all seasons of the year, and if you travel for a few days or get sick and miss the opportunity to work, you will not be paid for that day. Now suppose in the middle of all this possible event that your taxi windscreen may crack or break and you should replace it immediately so that you can return to work. WindscreenRepairN20 in London, relying on years of experience in the field of taxi windscreen replacement, chip taxi van glass repair, taxi window tinting, stone corrosion repair, taxi windshield repair, rear window replacement, and any car-related services in this field, is ready to provide you mobile car glass service.

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Taxi Windscreen

Taxi Windscreen

Taxi Windscreen Installation

The windshield of today’s taxis is laminate glass. These glasses have a plastic film called P.V.B, which is surrounded by two layers of glass on both sides, but the side and rear windows, commonly known as (Toughened). After forming and cutting, they are heated to a temperature of 700-600 ° C and then cooled rapidly. This action causes the surface strength of the glass.

The skilled and experienced experts of WindscreenRepairN20 are ready to answer in connection with taxi windscreen replacement, taxi van windscreen replacement, taxi van glass repair. Repairing taxi glass is a cost-effective alternative to replacing taxi (Black Cab) windscreens. If you live in London and you have this problem, you can count on the technicians of our car glass.

black cab taxi windscreen replacement

black cab taxi windscreen replacement

Black Cab Windscreen

People know Black Cab as hackney or hackney carriage, hack or London taxi. London Black Cabs are one of the symbols of Britain’s capital. These taxis are divided into models including TX4, LTI TXII, Taxicabs, and Austin FX4. Whatever model of taxi you have, you can leave your taxi windscreen replacement service in London to us. When you contact us, you send us your location, we will take the necessary information from you. Then we will come to you and replace your cab windshield.

Taxi Vans Glass Repair

There are vans that we see in the city and in the form of taxis which are intended for transporting passengers. These vans have a capacity of 3 rows of seats and 9 passengers, which is not bad for traveling in the city. Of course, there are problems with this van, but it is good because of the traffic in the city and due to the large number of passengers per day, they preferred to use high-capacity vehicles. We can provide you chip Taxi van glass repair and taxi van windscreen replacement in London.

nissan-taxi van windscreen replacement in london

nissan-taxi van windscreen replacement in london

 Others Taxi Vehicles Windscreen

In addition to taxi vans and Black Cab in London, drivers are also interested in other vehicles. Drivers consider many points to choose the right vehicle for their passenger’s needs. According to statistics, there are some vehicles which cab drivers are interested in picking them. It is true that Black Cab is used more in London, but you see other taxi vehicles too. There are the top 10 cars for London taxi drivers:

  • Nissan Leaf
  • Kia Soul
  • Ford Focus Estate
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Hyundai Loniq
  • Skoda Scala
  • Kia Niro 2
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid

With the importance of the taxi job, they should immediately repair or replace the glass so that they can return to work immediately. You can enjoy the taxi windscreen replacement service of all the above cars. Just contact us.

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